We are very passionate about hearing aid trials. You would never buy a car without first taking it for a test drive. Nor would you buy a pair of shoes without first trying them on.

We believe the same of a hearing aid – the performance and  comfort are so important to us that we guarantee we will find the right solution for you.

As we are not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer, we are free to fit any product from any manufacturer in the world. This means we literally have hundred of hearing devices at our fingertips to show and guide you to making the most of your hearing aid.

Trying a hearing aid in a clinical environment is really pointless. We believe you have to take the hearing aid out into your real world life and try it there. Try it at work in a meeting where you usually have trouble following conversations. Take it to the club and see if you can hear your friends better. Try it at home with your TV and see if you can hear it clearly at your partner’s preferred level.

We give you a full 30 days to play with the hearing aid to see if it the right one for you If it is, great. If it is not, we will try a different brand or style until we find the perfect solution for you.

And there is no charge for a trial. And no deposit required either. That is because we very strongly believe that we will do everything we can to find you the perfect match to your lifestyle and needs.

What made a lasting impression on me at Hearing Sense was the relaxed unhurried approach to establishing the extent of my hearing loss together with a professional, easily understood explanation as to it’s causes , as well as the hearing solutions available to address the problem. Then I was encouraged to believe that the trialling period of my new hearing aid should progress for as long as it takes to get my entire satisfaction, making a number of welcomed returns to the consulting rooms for reassurance and minor adjustments.

The outcome is that I can now confidently face the world with ease in all manner of social activity inside and outside the house whereas before it was something of a strain all round. Accordingly I can thoroughly recommend the friendly services of Senior Audiologist Kelly and receptionist Ashleigh.

Stuart Barry , 79

The usual process with our trials are as follows:

Once you have chosen the type of hearing aid you would like to trial, we will order a brand new hearing aid and arrange a fitting appointment. We do not fit ‘demo’ aids that are passed around from client to client. This is the real deal.

At your Fitting Appointment, we program your hearing aid and fine tune the sound so it is comfortable for you. We love it if you can bring a family member or friend with you as we like to make sure you can hear people that are familiar to you clearly and naturally. We teach you how the hearing devices work and make sure you are confident with them. We also do some tests and measurements to ensure the sound is perfect for your ear and hearing loss.

We then usually like to see you again 7 – 10 days later for a fine tune. Quite often, the first week is all about acclimatizing to the aid and hearing sounds around you that you may not even realised you were missing. But as you get used to the aids, you are able to make some excellent comments on what you would like sharper, clearer, duller, softer based on your real world experience. We also look at the datalogging of the hearing aid. In other words, the hearing aid would have measured hours of use, environments and any adjustments that you may have made to volume.

We then fine tune the aid so it sounds even better.

Then you get to go and play again for another 7 – 15 days. We see you again for a final fine tune.
On the last appointment, we decide whether this is the right solution for you or whether you would like to do a comparison trial with a different device.

Once we have found the hearing aids you are totally happy with, the service does not stop there.

We also offer the “Hearing Experience Package” to all our clients.

This includes free appointments for the lifetime of the hearing aid (Total value worth $1500). This includes all hearing tests, adjustment appointments, consultations and any reports you may require. Servicing and onsite repairs are also part of the Hearing Experience. In addition to that, we always provide a free and delicious Gourmet Coffee with every appointment.