How do I transfer to see Kelly & Pavel at Hearing Sense if I got my hearing aids somewhere else?

How-do-I-transferIt is a super easy process.

There are two steps – depending on whether you have hearing aids through the pension/ DVA program or whether you have bought them yourself privately and are not on a pension.

If you are not on a pension
Simply book in for your Hearing Experience appointment and we will sign a File Request which allows your file to be transferred. As easy as that! There is no charge for the Hearing Experience appointments.

If you are on a pension/ DVA with hearing aids through the government
Simply contact us on 8331 8047 and we can transfer you through the Government Portal. We then receive your file from your previous provider and look after you from there. We take care of all your batteries and maintenance under the Government program. You DO NOT need to pay us again for the year’s maintenance – it is simply transferred over.

Should I insure my hearing aids?

We highly recommend insuring your hearing aids for accidental loss or damage. Most hearing aids covered under a 3 year warranty but in the case of severe damage or if you simply lose it, insurance cover should allow you to get the latest hearing aid of equivalent value.

Do I sleep with hearing aids?

Generally, you take your hearing aids out when you are sleeping. Of course, if you happen to doze off whilst wearing your aids in front of the TV, there is no problem with that. It will not affect your hearing.

With the Lyric hearing aid of course, this is permanently in place deep in your ear canal so you do sleep with this hearing device in. Its just like normal hearing again. See our Lyric hearing aid page.

Can I swim or shower with my aids?

Generally, most hearing aids are coated with a nano-coating which helps prevent dust and moisture form affecting their performance, but they are not really designed to withstand a full drenching. If you do accidentally get them wet, there are a few things to do. Firstly take the battery out of the aid as this can cause rust or corrosion if left in. Then use a cold hairdryer to blow dry the battery compartment and the hearing aid overall. Leave overnight in somewhere warm or dry or in a drying chamber if you have one.

If your hearing aid does not work or your hearing aid is coming on and off all the time, simply pop in to see Ashleigh and we can work our magic to get things going again.

Lyric is the only exception as this hearing aid is placed deep in the ear canal and you can swim or shower with it in place. We do provide a free set of custom made swim plugs which we recommend you wear in water, just to protect the device. See our Lyric hearing aid page for more information.

Are there any waterproof hearing aids?

Yes there certainly are! In particular Phonak has the Naida device and Siemens have the Aquaris device. These have specially designed membranes, microphones and battery compartments designed to keep water out of the aids. To find out more and try one of these, simply call 8331 8047, email info@hearingsense.com.au or book online today.

Do I need a referral to see you?


Simply book in for a Hearing Experience appointment, whether you are not on a pension or you are.
If you have never had a hearing test before, and are on a pension or DVA client, we will help you complete a voucher application form which allows you to have free services and fully subsidised hearing aids for the rest of your life. This form does need to be signed by your GP and we will show you exactly where it needs to be done. Once this is done, we look after everything from there. To get a voucher application form, simply call us on 8331 8047, email us on info@hearingsense.com.au or download one from our New Voucher link.

Even if you have had a hearing test or hearing aids somewhere else before, simply book in for an appointment and a chat.

What is the life of a hearing aid?

Hearing aids last many years – pretty much as long as you look after them. I have had a man bring in a 20 year old hearing aid before which was still working well. Generally, most people like to get a new hearing aid every 5 – 6 years but this is entirely up the individual. Insuring the hearing aids is a good idea so if anything happens to them, you can easily claim for another set under the policy.

We can reprogram your hearing aid at any time to account for changes in hearing and is all part of our Hearing Experience package where you get FREE appointments for the life of the aid guarantee.