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1.     Use it or Lose it.

This is called auditory deprivation

Parts of your ear and brain can die simply from not using them.

The tiny inner ear hair cells require constant stimulation to remain active and healthy. With hearing loss, sounds do not reach these cells at the same level as they once did.

What this means is that these cells hardly ever get a workout, and as with anything in the human body – if you don’t use it, you lose it!

These cells can basically die simply from non-use and then the hearing nerve is under-stimulated. This is called auditory deprivation. This can basically cause a weakening of the whole auditory system including the hearing areas in the brain. When the auditory system is deprived of sound it affects the ability of the brain to understand speech. If a sound is not reaching the ear then it’s not reaching the brain.

There is even research reinforcing that untreated hearing loss increases the risk of dementia and memory loss.


How can you stop this?

That is why acting sooner rather than later is best for the human ear. The key to avoiding auditory deprivation and death of hair cells in the inner ear is to keep it stimulated. Schedule a hearing test at the first sign of hearing loss. If hearing loss is identified, don’t ignore it. An increasing number of studies have shown that individuals with hearing loss identified and treated early adapt easier and quicker to the amplification resulting in greater overall success.

Every time you put your hearing aids in, you provide the cells with specific sound targeted to make them start moving and working. And by wearing your hearing aids regularly, you can slow down or halt the progression of hearing loss caused by auditory deprivation.

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If you are concerned at all about your hearing possibly getting worse, please book in for a free professional hearing test. We will take the time to test all parts of your hearing system including your brains ability to understand speech and explain exactly which parts of your ear is working well and which parts may be declining. Please click on the Book an Appointment link.

2.     Improve your life

Research by the non-profit National Council on Aging concluded that hearing loss treatment is shown to:

  1. Improve earning power
    … able to hear and participate fully in meetings and jobs
  2. Improve communication in relationships
    … no frustration from mishearing or needing repeats
  3. Improve intimacy and warmth in family relationships
    … can hear those whispered ‘I love you’s
  4. Improved safety
    … hearing your baby cry or someone in the house
  5. Improve ease in communication
    … not having to concentrate all day and having more energy
  6. Improve emotional stability
    … feeling confident and happy
  7. Improve sense of control over life events
    … assured you are not missing conversations
  8. Improve physical health
    … preventing brain and ear health deterioration by exercising your ears

Why would you want to delay receiving all these great benefits? And most of the time, it is achieved through a tiny, discreet hearing aid solution. See Hearing Aids