We are very proud to support the 3Muskateers group in 2015. They are a small charity working closely with the Kenyan Deaf Society to aid hearing impaired children amongst other things.

Unfortunately deaf children in Kenya are considered stupid and hence often mistreated and not allowed education and social opportunities. Some of the children are effectively abandoned at the school by their parents. This schools staff work hard for the kids and the Kenyan Deaf Society who have trained audiologist are committed to their care but desperately underfunded.

Without the hearing aids from Australia these kids would not be given the chance to hear.

They are delighted to have now had hearing aids fitted to all children in need at two schools for hearing impaired. The schools are in Meru and Mwingi and with the help of a doctor-nurse team from Impact and the ongoing support of the audiology team at the Kenyan Deaf Society the children have been treated for infections etc and had their aids fitted. The Deaf Society staff have also educated school staff on hearing aid care and followed up with parent education. We are thrilled that both schools report good progress and improved overall welfare of the children.
3Musketeers have also provided school books, clothes, shoes and refurbishment of the school rain water tank.

The facilities are very limited and the clinics for fitting the aids basically happened on plastic chairs outdoors. On one of the photos you can see a group of parents – they had heard about the fitting of hearing aids and turned up to watch – a big step socially.

Some of the photos also show medical staff – these were sponsored by Impact East Africa and they provided nurse-doctor-antibiotics as needed prior to fitting the hearing aids.

They also support teachers for a deaf school in Uganda and Hearing aids to a school in Durban.

At this point, the 3Muskateers have sent off 300 hearing aids from Australia and hope to be able to collect another 400 over the next two years. Any donations of second hand hearing aids to this cause would be greatly appreciated. You can drop them or post them to our clinics in Norwood, Unley and Salisbury and we will ensure they make their way to Africa to benefit a young deaf child and make a difference in their lives.


Guide Dogs SA

At Hearing Sense, we have also been a sponsor of the Guide Dogs association. Guide Dogs provide an invaluable service to not only hearing and visually impaired people, but also now to children who suffer from autism. These adorable companions can help a child interact socially in unfamiliar situations and help families across Australia.

For more information, please see the Guide Dogs website on www.guidedogs.org.au


The Nepal Hearing Project

We really believe in giving back to the community, and wholeheartedly support The Nepal Hearing Project.  This project provides much needed hearing help in Nepal where as with many poor societies, ear infections are very common. This can often progress to permanent moderate or severe hearing loss in both adults and young children.

We are very proud to be able to support the Nepal Project and we do this by offering clients a trade in amount for old or unwanted hearing aids. We then send these second hand aids to David Hine and his wife Valerie who run the Nepal Project.

They are now into their fourth year of operation and have seen over 10 000 clients providing hearing tests, removing wax blockages, treating ear infections and have fitted about a thousand recycled hearing aids.

One day a week, their staff visit nearby schools and community centre where they screen all children and adults from the nearby areas. They fit aids to the needy and also promote hearing awareness and protection to communities in Nepal.

We really believe that this project makes a huge difference to children and adults who do not have the funds or means to be able to hear better. Through this amazing and dedicated work, they can.

If you have any second hand aids that you would like to donate, please feel free to drop into the clinic and we can pass them on for you. If you are purchasing new hearing aids, we can also offer you a trade in on your old aids and send them to Nepal for you too.


Bringing Calyn home

The very moving story of little 7 year old Calyn who pushed his 4 year old brother out of the way of a moving car, saving his life but also being hit and almost crushed by the car. He was hit on the frontal lobe of his forehead at 60km/hr. He was in an induced coma for 15 days and having to have most of his skull removed to reduce the swelling. This little hero and family have to now go through long recovery process of re-learning to talk, communicate and move again. This story completely touched our hearts with the amazing love for his brother which is evident even in his disabled state today. We donated $5000 to this cause and encourage clients, friends and families to do so too. The Facebook site ‘Bringing Calyn Home’ and details of how to donate are included, as are updates on Calyn’s progress. Our hearts and thoughts are always with this amazing little boy and family.

Click here to go to Bring Calyn Home facebook page.