Your Hearing Team

Kelly-Mare Korcek

Kelly-Mare is owner and Senior Audiologist at Hearing Sense. She obtained a Bachelor of Health Science at Adelaide University in 1998 and graduated as top of her class in 2001 in the Masters of Audiology at Flinders University. She specialises in adult rehabilitation and has expert knowledge in all world renowned hearing aid brands. She is very passionate about finding the perfect solution for her patients and adds a caring, personal touch to every consultation.

She has been practising for over 18 years and has owned her own business for over 11 of those years.

Kelly-Mare maintains a current Clinical Certificate and Continuing Professional Development program. She has been a full member of the Audiological Society of Australia since 2000.

“I absolutely love my job. I couldn’t have asked for a better career – I get to master the latest technology, make a difference every day and most importantly help my patient’s hear and improve their lives.”


Senior Audiologist • Director
BHSc · MAud · MAudSA · CCP

Pavel Korcek

Pavel is owner and Senior Audiometrist at Hearing Sense. He finished his first degree in Bachelor of Science at Adelaide University in 1999 and his Certificate IV in Audiometry in 2005 also graduating as top of his class.  Pavel and Kelly-Mare have always worked together in their own businesses and share the same values and enthusiasm for the hearing industry.

Pavel maintains a current clinical certificate and has been a member of the Australian College of Audiology since 2005.

“I get to help people every day! What could be better than that? The greatest thing is that people get to trial what works for them and I get to help them along the way, it’s like a discovery mission and I change lives along the way.”


Senior Audiometrist • Director
BSc · MAcAud

Rhiannon Bilsborough

Rhiannon is a Senior Audiologist at Hearing Sense and has been practising for over four years.
She graduated top of the class with a Masters in Audiology from Flinders University, and also obtained a Doctorate in Audiology from the University of Florida, USA and a Bachelor in Psychology.

She is Lyric qualified, has experience with different hearing aids from around the world and has extensive knowledge in tinnitus. She is enthusiastic about ensuring all her clients get the best out of their hearing aids, and her caring and supportive nature is why she is so successful.

“I love working for an independent practice which values ongoing education in hearing care and is passionate about finding a personalised solution for each of its clients. The dedicated team and lovely clientele at Hearing Sense make coming to work each day a truly rewarding experience.”


Bridget Fuller

Bridget is a senior Audiologist at Hearing Sense. Bridget grew up in country Victoria and completed her Bachelor of Psychological Science in Melbourne. She moved to Adelaide to complete her Masters in Audiology at Flinders University and fell in love with the city! Bridget has experience supervising University graduates and students and loves to give back to her community. Bridget is passionate about mental health and enabling people to lead fulfilling lives.

“I am so grateful to be a part of the Hearing Sense team. It’s great to be a part of a small independent business where you have access to all manufacturers and fit the latest technology. We are kept up to date with the latest training and education. This means I can provide the best possible outcomes for my clients, another one of the reasons I love my job!”

Bridget Fuller hearing sense

Ashleigh White

Ashleigh is the friendly animated voice and smiling face of Hearing Sense Reception. She has been with the company since Day 1 and truly excels at her job. Her enthusiasm and knowledge means you are in good hands any time you need a repair or help with your hearing aids. She is also brilliant at Bluetooth technology and can happily assist you with pairing of mobile phones and other devices. She also makes a mean coffee anytime you pop in to visit.

“I feel very lucky to have such friendly, supportive bosses and I’ve learnt so much the past few years and get really excited about new hearing technology. That, combined with the lovely clients we have make it such a great work environment.”


Aysha Kennedy

Aysha joined us in 2016 as a bright, bubbly and caring member of our team. Her dedication to helping every single patient who walks in the door is to be commended. Her warmth and care are to be commended.

“It is a pleasure to work alongside people as enthusiastic and passionate as Kelly, Pavel, Ashleigh and Sherri. They love what they do, which is evident in the way they care for our clients. The kindness and support they show, coupled with all our lovely clients, make Hearing sense a great place to work.”


Tabitha Eades

Tabitha became part of the Hearing Sense Team in October 2017 to be of service to our clients in Unley. Providing exceptional customer service and helping people has been Tabitha’s desire throughout life, both personally and professionally in her work history and volunteering roles. As this is the driving force behind all she does, she is delighted to be able to use her skills to be a valuable team member and most importantly, to be there for you.

“ It is not often that you come across a team so dedicated to going the extra mile for their clients, and each other. Hearing Sense is so much more than a business- it is a family. At its heart is the passion for making someone’s quality of life better and making everyone who is connected with us feel valued. It is a privilege to be a part of it ”


Tammy McBryde

Tammy joined our team in 2017 to assist us with looking after you, our clients, even better. She will be the friendly face helping out with repairs as well as the lovely voice reminding you for appointments. She will be looking after your recalls to ensure you see us regularly to keep you hearing as best you can.

“I am extremely fortunate to spend my day with our clients who are simply the best. To be able to work with such a caring and experienced team is a reward in itself. I’m grateful to be part of Kelly and Pavel’s clinic.”

Sherri Green

Sherri joined our team late in 2014 to assist us in providing great aftercare service for our clients. She will often be the friendly voice on the phone about your reminder calls and sending you letters to come in for regular hearing tests and your annual checks. Sherri is also trained in hearing aid repairs and can help you out anytime you need.

“It is great to be involved with such an enthusiastic team and positive work environment.  Kelly, Pavel and Ashleigh are so friendly and supportive to me and all clients, and are extremely passionate about what they do”

Madeleine Stevens

Maddi joined our team in October 2019 and is a wonderfully warm and caring addition to our Hearing Sense family. She has moved down from the country and is loving being able to assist all our delightful clients.

“It is amazing to work with such a friendly group of people. I love how supportive and helpful Kelly and Pavel are towards their staff and clients. I am so thankful to be a part of a business that go above and beyond for everyone they meet.”

Madeleine Stevens